Choosing a Good Domain Name

Here are a few items to keep in mind when choosing a domain name

Use your keywords

If you can use your keywords in your domain name then it’s probably a good idea if it sounds natural. Remember not to stuff keywords into the domain just to have them, it should sound natural and easy to remember. You can read more about keyword research here.

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Target your geographic area

If you only do business in a certain area or city then adding your location to your domain might help your customers remember your name and could give a small boost to your search ranking for that location.

Short and to the point

According to there is a direct correlation between the length of your domain name and the popularity of the website. The most popular websites have less than 10 characters in their domain name.

Get the right domain name extension for your business

.COM is still the most popular followed by .NET and then .ORG. Although the .org extension is mostly used for non-profits.

Make it Brandable

Remember, you can make something up when choosing a great small business domain. That’s what Google, Yahoo and Bing did.


Brandable, meaning that when you hear or see the domain name, it sounds like a brand. Which means that hyphens and numbers are a real problem because they don’t sound like a brand. They sound generic, or strange.

For example, if we wanted to create a pasta website that has pasta recipes and sells some pasta related e-commerce products on it;

  • would be hard to brand, say, or remember.
  • sounds brandable, is unique, but quite challenging to say.
  • would be amazing because it has a scientific connotation to it, is very brandable, unique, memorable, and stands out.

What’s Your Name

If you can’t find the perfect domain name for your business consider getting your name as the domain name. could be a perfect fit.

It’s 2022 and domain names are pretty cheap now. If you are paying more than $10 – $15 per year for your domain name then you might want to look around and find a better deal.

Here are some places you can check if your domain name is available:

If you any questions about choosing the perfect domain for your small business let us know, we would be happy to help.

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Small Business Website Design Services

Setting up a new website for your small business involves several things from obtaining a good domain name to finding quality website hosting that is scalable so it can grow with your new small business website. We offer a host of website services and can help you with everything to get your new website up and running fast.
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Website Maintenance, Backups & Support

Let us take care of the website management for you including nightly backups of your website & database files, updates to themes and plugin files, website security to help prevent malicious attacks and we also offer worst-case scenario protection, in that we will completely restore your website usually within a few hours if necessary.
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WordPress Web Design

The most popular content management system in the world and for good reason. WordPress allows you to build a completely custom website on a proven framework that provides fast loading websites that are easy to get search engine ready using plugins and has a large support community to help if you have a question.
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Ecommerce Website Design

Do you have products that you want to sell online? We can develop an Ecommerce website that will deliver your products to the world! Start selling your products online today. You can target customers in the United States or the go Globally! Unlimited products, Shipping options, You can sell anything from physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions
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Internet Marketing, Google Ads, PPC

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is the fastest way to get instant traffic to your website. You can pay to be in the top positions on search engines like Google & Bing. Possibly getting same day results. PPC is a great way to complement existing ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts and develop a well rounded online advertising campaign.
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